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What is Human Science?

We are really into understanding humans - the way that humans think and what makes humans genuinely happy. Anthropy utilizes a scientifically-validated approach to employee engagement with the help of Human Sciences.


Our products and solutions are powered by these concepts, helping employees stay engaged throughout the workday, every day.

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How Anthropy Works?

Anthropy offers a unique user experience by combining elements from Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, and data-driven research in bridging the most prevalent social issue for today’s workforce: engagement and productivity.

Along with behavior finance principles, Anthropy uses constant consultation, coaching, and adaptive methodologies to improve goal-setting behaviors for employees all over the world.

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Anthropology & Psychology

Social sciences aim to ask thought-provoking questions about how our behaviors are influenced by our cultural and professional work environment. Anthropology dictates how our societal influences impact our work engagement while Psychology points out the reasons why we behave differently in various circumstances. Both concepts are vital in Anthropy’s innovative research and company mission.

Working Together

Research & Data Science

Research and Data science allow for the analysis, process, and modeling of data to create actionable plans for companies and organizations. It detects patterns, trends, and relationships within a certain set of data that can be interpreted to solve a problem.

Anthropy uses both concepts to gather data to solve the social issue of engagement and productivity in today’s workforce.

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How Anthropy Works?
Anthropology and Psychology
Research & Data Science

Create an experience for your organization your team will love!

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